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Joe Harb Jr.                    TEAM TRIAD
Joe Harb Jr.                    TEAM TRIAD

TEAM TRIAD A nuclear Spy Hunt:Iran di J. E. Harb Jr.

April, 2015 - Middle East peace hangs in the balance as the U.S. and its partners conduct difficult negotiations with Iran to end its nuclear weapons program
The FBI creates Team Triad – an FBI-CIA-NSA team - to stop the Iranian espionage in time to save the negotiations
The only hope of success is to combine Team Triad’s uniquely American mix of analytic skills with counterespionage techniques, Human Intelligence, communications intercept, cryptanalysis, language analysis, cyber techniques, imagery, social media, and luck
Team Triad discovers someone is feeding Iranian decision-makers false information alleging U.S. duplicity.
One suspect and his married girlfriend are tracked in their red Ferrari in breathtakingly spectacular and delicious southwest Italy – to Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Sorrento, Capri, and Pompeii.
Il Tango della vecchia guardia di Arturo  Pérez-Reverte

Il Tango della vecchia guardia di Arturo Pérez-Reverte

Una storia d’amore sulle note del tango.
Una partita a scacchi tra un uomo e una donna, giocata tra Buenos Aires, Nizza e infine in una Sorrento del 1966. Dove i protagonisti si ritrovano, ancora una volta.
E’ la trama de "Il tango della vecchia guardia”, un romanzo edito da Rizzoli, partorito dalla penna di Arturo Pérez-Reverte, uno dei più noti scrittori spagnoli.
Secrets and wonders of the Sorrent Coast

Secrets and wonders of the Sorrent Coast

An amazing tour along the Sorrento peninsula 

Roberto Pellecchia
Officine Zephiro

Sorrento Guide by Gordon Longworth

Sorrento Guide by Gordon Longworth

  Sorrento is a resort that has so much to offer, and yet there is so little information available to help the first time visitor.Most guide books can only manage two or three pages of very general information that is of no practical help.  

  The Sorrento Guide aims to remedy that. Its 108 pages are devoted to helping you to make the most of your time in and around Sorrento. There are links in it to websites that can give you yet more information to add to your enjoyment and anticipation of what is in store for you.  

  The website provides much more information about the guide. It includes the Table of Contents, so you can see the breadth of coverage, and an excerpt from the text so you can see how the information is presented.

  This is a book that can add so much to your enjoyment of your time in Sorrento.   Not only is this book probably the most up to date guide currently available, but feedback from visitors is available for download at any time, so before you travel you can access every update that has been received.  

“Come Back to Sorrento” is a siren call that many find hard to resist. When you have explored all that the area has to offer, you will understand why.

  This guide will help you to do just that.    

Gordon Longworth

Gelato Sisterhood by Chantal Kelly

Gelato Sisterhood by Chantal Kelly

Gelato Sisterhood  on the Amalfi drive  

by Chantal Kelly

Warmed by the brilliant Campania sun and the lemon-scented breeze off shimmering Mediterranean waters, the Amalfi Coast has been seducing travelers since Roman times. Lush terraced mountainsides brimming with grape vines and olive groves tumble down to meet the sea. Sun-washed pastel buildings clinging to vertical cliffs, ancient timeworn villages, and secluded beaches beckon at every hairpin turn. Chantal Kelly takes the reader along on an unforgettable tour of the Amalfi Coast as she expertly guides a small group of women where blue horizons stretch endlessly and legend and romance abound. Intriguing towns are brought to life with humorous anecdotes and insights. Enchanting moments leap off the pages and into your heart as the women learn to cook traditional dishes, indulge in the incomparable regional food and drink, succumb to the siren song of stunning handmade ceramics, and admire Italy's most attractive feature, the gorgeous, flirty men! Informative and practical, filled with Chantal s personal stories and delicious recipes, this book will mesmerize anyone who's ever been tempted by the undeniable charms of Italy.

Images of Sorrento by Susan Dewing

Images of Sorrento by Susan Dewing

Sorrento Movies. Il cinema in Costiera by Antonino De Angelis

Sorrento Movies. Il cinema in Costiera by Antonino De Angelis

È un mondo stipato di amori impossibili, cieche miracolate, pescivendole, falsi eunuchi, lune rosse, leoni al sole, lazzarelle e guaglioni, suore bianche, canzoni immortali, frammenti di paura.

Il cinema ambientato tra Sorrento, Vico Equense, Massalubrense, Positano, Amalfi è un filone pressoché inesauribile, comico o canterino qualche volta, tragico o melodrammatico qualche altra volta, ma anche, volendo, thrilling, fin da quando, era il 1907, i fratelli Troncone, pionieri a Napoli del cinema e della fotografia, ebbero l'occasione di girare Tarantella sorrentina, breve filmato a gloria di una paesaggio impagabile e di un ballo che allora incantava gli stranieri.

Riassume almeno un centinaio di pellicole ispirate a Sorrento e dintorni il volume di Antonino De Angelis edito da La Conchiglia di Capri 

Sorrento Movies. Il cinema in Costiera




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