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Greg Welsby 11/09/2015
Following my visit to Sorrento in June 2015 I wanted to discover the significance of La lancia di luce" which was exhibited in Piazza Tasso in Sorrento. I searched the internet without success and tried to elicit some information from correspondents on Trip Advisor - alas, to no avail. I then tried the Sorrento Tourist Board and Eureka! I struck gold! Fabiola Fasulo was able to answer all my questions and I now know a lot about Arnaldo Pomodoro and the many variations of his style. I have even re-discovered his work in my home town of Brisbane. His quartet thematic work "Forme del Mito" (Forms of Myth) was produced for the Brisbane Expo in 1988 and was for many years exhibited in our King George Square. I think he is best known for the Sfera con sfera (Sphere Within a Sphere), an imposing 4m polished brass sphere at the Vatican.

Jack Hart 30/07/2015
Have just returned from a wonderful 8 nights in Sorrento. Stayed in the excellent Hilton Sorrento Palace and ate out at a different restaurant every night. The town is clean, unspoilt by fast food chains and the like. The people are friendly, the scenery beautiful, and something for everyone on a evening. I cannot put in words how much I enjoyed this area and trust that the town council will use all their powers to keep this area exactly as it is so many more holidays can be enjoyed here.

Keith 20/07/2015
I contacted the Sorrento Tourist Office for local information about sites to visit and transport options.
I received a very quick reply from Fabiola and found the information very helpful.

The service was excellent in every way with an invitation to contact the office if further help were needed ( which I have subsequently done).

Top marks for speedy, friendly and useful service.

Keithandgwen 30/06/2015
As it is our first stay in Camopania we e-mailed the Sorrento Tourist office with several questions.
The reply came back the following day with all the information we needed on those topics.
Fabiola was most helpful. No doubt I will have further questions before we arrive but now we know excatlt who to ask!!!
Furst class service. Hope to see you soon.
Keith 30/06/15

Ron 17/06/2015
Had several questions and requested schedules and pricing for marine and bus transportation . Fabiola handled all my requests very efficiently and professionally . Hats off to Sorrento tourist office !

Michelle 01/06/2015
Needed some tourist brochures and they sent right away! thank you!

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Data: 2011-08-26 23:46:28
Nome: Whitney Perks


Me and my partner just spent a wonderful 7 days in Sorrento. Will hopefully be returning again soon. Beautiful weather and views throughout Sorrento along with the lovely people we met totally made our time there unforgetable. For anyone going there soon I guarantee you will fall in love with the place as we had.
Stayed in hotel Settimo Ceillo, prior to our holiday we read some really negative reviews of the hotel, however it was not as bad as was made out to be, very helpful and welcoming staff with excellent service, yes the hotel does need a makeover but it is very basic, however what sort of room do you need when on holiday? Beautiful scenery from the hotel itself and the pool area was lovely. Rest-assured to those who will be stopping there, it is also a lovely 5 min walk into town with views on the way.
Loved the limencello there.. it must be tried. I reccomend the hotel riveira restaurant, inexpensive and beautiful alongside amazing service.
Hope you have a good holiday as we did!

Whitney Perks




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